Two friends bring joy to others with their music and their presence

Scott and Rick on the deck of McBee’s Bar and Grill, Ogilvie, MN

Three years ago, on another blog, I introduced the ‘Keep Your Brain Active Challenge,’ concept with an aim to encourage others to stay active mentally as well as physically. Although the phrase has not [yet] become a popular jingle, I remain committed to talking about the importance of activity and the positive effects on the brain. Continue reading “Two friends bring joy to others with their music and their presence”

A Friend’s Response to My Summer Exercise Challenge

Thanks to my dear friend, Shelley, a fellow blogger, for submitting this humorous response to my earlier posts:

exercise challenge

I remember when……my siblings and I were self-proclaimed masters of the art of hoola-hooping! Not only could we rock the hoop back and forth around our waists, but we could rock, swirl, and twirl it just as well with other limbs, and on other body parts. Oh, yeah! Continue reading “A Friend’s Response to My Summer Exercise Challenge”

One item checked off our bucket lists. Attending a marching band parade

Whether we call it a ‘bucket list’ or ‘wish list’ or ‘things I’d like to do list’, and whether or not we have actually articulated that wish, we all have one. But, as we say, life often gets in the way.

My husband and I recently checked one item off our respective bucket lists. His – to attend an event where several above-average marching bands perform; and I – to attend one of the major sports affiliated parades. The Florida Citrus Parade fulfilled our wishes.

20161229_124500 Continue reading “One item checked off our bucket lists. Attending a marching band parade”

My Visit With Al

I hadn’t seen Al in years, but entering the communal lounge of the nursing home where he now lives, I immediately recognized him from the back. Al was with a group of other men and women all in wheelchairs watching a religious program on television.

Although Al and I are not very close friends, I have know him since childhood, and like most people who know him, I greatly admire him as a decent human being and a proud former Olympian. Continue reading “My Visit With Al”

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