Jennifer H. Monaghan, Ed.D.

With this blog, my goal is to challenge all adults to stay active mentally as well as physically. This is the Keep Your Brain Active Challenge.

I have been fortunate to have witnessed and be part of many people’s lives all over the world and have observed that the people I meet are the ones who tend to be more active in their personal as well as their public lives. And such activity has enhanced not only the individual’s life, but also the people with whom they interact.

I was born in a small village in Jamaica, called Lottery, in the home of my paternal grandparents. The villagers were poor and for the most part under-educated. However, what they lacked in formal education, they made up with resilience and kindness to each other.

My parents, aged 20 and 21 at the time of my birth, were also poor, but relatively more educated that their parents, and they too had a determined spirit and big dreams. They maintained the tradition of helping others; and with more opportunities in the big city where they later made their home, they embraced advanced education like a starving child devours food.

As the first child born to my parents – the second entered the world four and a half years after my birth, I’ve been sharing and helping from a very young age. My mother, a busy working woman, hammered in me a duty to help take care of my younger siblings and to share with them whatever knowledge I acquired. Although this upbringing has been both a gift and a curse, I am forever grateful the seed for learning and sharing was planted.

Along my career path, I grew from secretary to teacher to banking executive and back to teacher. I have taught professionally, both in the US and overseas, but now I’ve left teaching behind to younger professionals.

Today, my most satisfying role is that of wife and homemaker. An ardent nature lover, I enjoy outdoor activities. My desire to share, however, still burns warmly and is one of the motivators for this blog, as well as my previous blogs. The main lesson I’ve learned, formally and informally, and would like to share is, “Good health starts with our brain, and there is much we can do to keep our brain healthy as we age.”

Keep Your Brain Active Challenge.  Will you take the challenge?

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