Let’s go crabbing…

Mrs. A crabbing off the dock in Buck Hall Recreation Area in the Francis Marion National Forest, McClennanville, South Carolina

“Next to going to church, crabbing is a very important activity for me,” said a warm and friendly woman I met last week in South Carolina. In my excitement of the day, I forgot to get this woman’s name, so I’ll call her Mrs. A.

Recreational crabbing is not physically demanding nor very expensive. A trap or pot, with or without a float depending on your location and/or state requirements, costs from under $10 up to hundreds. You’ll also need bait.

In most places, you can catch crabs year round provided the water is not very cold or very active.  Location, tides, and currents will impact your crabbing success. However, like any new activity, you’ll need to do some research beforehand.

I remind you that in addition to the benefits gained from physical exercise and being outdoors, learning a new activity provides stimulation for the brain. If this post inspires you to go crabbing, it’s advisable to check your local state shell fishing rules and regulations.

Floridians may visit this website for more info…

Crabbing is fun, relaxing and your catch makes a delicious meal. Furthermore, as in the case of Mrs. A, it’s an enjoyable social activity for her family and friends, especially as a recent retiree originally from Florida; she now lives in South Carolina.

Fishing – Francis Marion Nat’l Forest, SC

Mrs. A’s husband fishes from the same dock while his wife catches crabs, and he is quick to help her with setting the bait and removing the caught crabs from her basket. The crabs are placed on ice in a cooler.

Mrs. A or a fellow South Carolinian, will you share your recipe for crab cakes?

Happy crabbing and send me a photo of your catch!







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