An hour or two at the lake

Pedal boating, Como Lake, St. Paul, MN

A gentle breeze blows over the rippling water redirecting its flow ever so slightly – west to east, north to south, and vice versa.

On the lake are boaters, canoeists, kayakers, and standup paddleboarders gliding along at their own speed sharing the water with ducks, fish and algae.

Fishers nonchalantly cast their lines from the wooden pier without regard as to catch or not, while onlookers gaze from the shore at the greenish water or at the blue sky above.

Out for the day or an hour or two exercising, relaxing, and bonding with family, friends and nature and having fun too.

Como Lake, St. Paul, MN

All wonderful activities for maintaining a healthy body, soul and brain; engaging in new activities for variety, stimulation and enjoyment.

Paddle board yoga on Como Lake, St. Paul, MN

Yoga on the lake might be stress relief for one woman, but for me would be fear inducing indeed. Yet, each must choose their own activity for delight.

If you live near a lake, consider an outing on a beautiful day. You too will be enriched and your brain will thank you down the line.

Rental of water sports equipment and accessories, where available, costs an average of $20 per hour.

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