Stress and your brain


What stresses you out? Did you know that bad stress affects your body and brain?

A few days ago, I purchased a new mobile phone, and as I attempted to activate it, I could feel my frustration level disproportionately increasing with each click. Breathe! breathe! I reminded myself. Then I returned to the store and accepted the offer of assistance from the kind clerk.

This incident is insignificant compared to the daily stresses many people experience each day. Nonetheless, regardless of what one’s personal stress factors are, there’s no debate – stress disrupts our natural biological rhythms and can lead to unhealthy behaviors.

A certain amount of stress is inevitable, and in fact is desirable. There’s good stress and there’s bad stress, and at the extreme toxic stress, which does not contribute to maintaining a healthy brain.

When is stress good for you? asks Prof. McEwen at Rockefeller University. His answers are detailed in the lengthy article linked here.

Relaxation techniques such as breathing, exercise, meditation, etc. may be helpful in relieving your stress. However, like other health conditions, each person needs to discuss their health with a qualified health professional.

How do you manage stress?


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