One item checked off our bucket lists. Attending a marching band parade

Whether we call it a ‘bucket list’ or ‘wish list’ or ‘things I’d like to do list’, and whether or not we have actually articulated that wish, we all have one. But, as we say, life often gets in the way.

My husband and I recently checked one item off our respective bucket lists. His – to attend an event where several above-average marching bands perform; and I – to attend one of the major sports affiliated parades. The Florida Citrus Parade fulfilled our wishes.


The Florida Citrus Parade is an annual tradition held in Orlando between the Russell Athletic Bowl and the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl games.  In addition to its signature floats, the parade features high school marching bands from throughout the nation, college bands, specialty units and other performances. Upwards of 3,000 participants take part in the event, reports the event organizer.

A few days before the event, we purchased our tickets for reserved seats and off we went. In the grandstand, we were surrounded by a highly excited and enthusiastic crowd cheering and supporting their favorite local high school marching bands as well as bands from as far away as New Hampshire. Band members numbered as high as 325 and one small group of less than 50.


Over 100,000 Florida oranges, tangerines and grapefruits, which were donated to charities after the parade, decorated the floats. Beauty queens, representatives from the fire and the sheriff departments as well as community organizations rounded out the parade.

The announcer was entertaining and informative, the crowd was enthusiastic, and the weather was perfect for an outdoor event. Congrats to all who contributed to this fine-tuned accomplishment.

My husband and I enjoyed the parade and hope to attend another; and although our day was an overall success, the floats and bands fell a little short of our lofty expectations. On the other hand, we were very pleased to meet representatives of community groups who are contributing to their communities in a very positive and uplifting manner.

As the new year approaches, I wish you too will be able to check some items off your bucket list. Consider starting with the activities that are relaxing.

Relaxation helps thinking, and thinking is a healthy brain function.




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