Enjoying a Bike Ride

Shared by a friend in China who regularly rides with a group

While camping at a state park recently, my husband and I met a couple from Canada who went bike riding in the mornings and kayaking in the afternoons. So captivated we were by this couple, who were no younger than us, that upon our return home, we decided that bike riding would become part of our lifestyle.

Never mind that we had not been on bicycles in a very long time, we were going forth with our new physical activity. Our choice of bikes from the broad selection of types was made simple (for now). A couple, not much older than us, who were casual bike riders had decided their bike-riding days were over and they gladly gave us theirs which were in good condition.

Physical exercise keeps the blood flowing to the brain and may encourage new brain cells. Physical exercise can also help with your mood.

I see riders of all skill levels and all ages on neighborhood streets, on paved and rugged park trails and on scenic roads. I’ve even seen adults riding three-wheelers. Riders are alone or in groups.

Bike riding can be fun, and as with any new physical activity, first do your homework. Consult resources in order to choose a bike appropriate for you. You may also want to seek medical advice.

Our butts ached a little the first week and again each time as we increased our distance and/or speed. We usually go riding in the mornings when it’s cool. At those times, I am less fearful of any deer I may encounter on the road, but more fearful of the garbage truck. We wave our greetings to our neighbors and we return home in time to watch the end of our favorite morning television program.

Next up – kayaking.

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